Home Match reports International games EL: Lyon – Besiktas 13.04.2017

EL: Lyon – Besiktas 13.04.2017

Big troubles before the start of the game!


Europa League, Big troubles during Lyon – Besiktas game.

Thousands of Besiktas fans were in Lyon for the match. First fight happent between the away fans and the french police. Several injured and arrested after.

The big riots started before the kick-off, Besiktas fans used some bombs near Lyon 1950 tribune. Lyon fans from that end attacked the near by turks, which lead to many turks return on the attack and chased Lyon on to the pitch.
Game started with 40 minutes delay because of this.


Besiktas vs police before the game

Troubles started after Besiktas threw petards near Lyon fans

Besiktas on the left, Lyon on the right

Some fans went on the pitch to avoid troubles

Pyro from the away sector after the Besiktas goal